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Priority Program

The ‘Priority Program’ – Advanced Hearing Healthcare, Paid Monthly

In a world where many of us pay for our cell phones, our cars, and our medical expenses with a monthly payment, it’s only natural that you may also prefer to pay for your hearing care monthly.

The challenge has been that until today, the only way to pay monthly for your hearing care has been to pay high interest rates through third-party finance companies or lease your hearing aids without actually owning them.

With a goal of providing La Grande with more accessible hearing healthcare, we are excited to introduce our ‘Priority Program’.

Your way to get best-in-class hearing technology, priority service and significant wholesale pricing in exchange for a fair and transparent monthly membership fee.

What you’ll receive:

  • Personalized aural rehabilitation program facilitated by an ASHA Certified, Licensed Audiologist
  • Prescription based device fitting that exceeds Best Practices Standards
  • Monthly curb-side clean & checks to have your devices professionally cleaned at your convenience
  • Office visits that include device updates, professional care and fine tune adjustments to meet your hearing and listening needs
  • Access to ‘Pink Phone Service’ – After hours and weekend support line for troubleshooting and appointment scheduling.
  • Priority appointments
  • Our ‘we’ve got your back’ guarantee – if anything goes wrong or you have any emergencies, we always promise to do all we can to solve any problem
  • Significant wholesale savings on new technology
  • A pair of best-in-class (premium) prescription hearing devices from top manufacturer
  • Rechargeable option at no added expense
  • 5 years of service (including unlimited remote programming)
  • 4-year manufacturer repair warranty
  • 4-year one time loss and damage replacement (we cover your deductible)

I couldn’t be more pleased with the update and new adjustments. It was very important to me to get high tech hearing aids but the best part was how great the entire team was! Thank you so much!

Tom H.

Best Audiologist I have ever seen. I have been seeing Audiology people for 21 years. Their people have the best equipment I have ever seen. Good job

Daniel B.

How It Works

  • You pay $2490 up-front to enroll into the program; you will be fitted with your premium hearing solution and your journey to better hearing will begin (worth $9,730).
  • You then pay $99/month to access all the services, care and benefits
  • Upgrade to new technology at wholesale pricing at any point during your membership (just ask, and we’ll provide you with special wholesale pricing).
  • You may cancel the membership at any point by paying the early termination fees and returning the devices.
  • At month 60, you own the devices outright and can either continue your membership for ongoing care/service, or you can end your membership.
  • This program may not be used in conjunction with health insurance

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Although the above treatment plan seems right for you based on your answers, the first step should be to have a full diagnostic hearing evaluation. We may find that the above option is ideal for you, or we may find that an alternative option is a better fit.

To schedule your evaluation, simply complete this form or call us at (541) 612-7555.

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