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Entry Hearable & Tinnitus Treatment Plan

Entry Hearable + Tinnitus Treatment Plan

$1747.60 ($2804 value)

Choosing a hearing solution that is tailored to your unique needs is an essential step toward better hearing. For those with a mild to moderate hearing loss who just want help hearing in certain situations, a hearable may be the best solution.

These hearing devices can be a great first step on your hearing healthcare journey, with a licensed audiologist to guide you through the set-up process and ensure you’re equipped to start hearing the life you love. Combined with the tinnitus treatment plan, you’ll receive customized care to manage your tinnitus so nothing stands in your way of better hearing.

Plan Includes:

  • Hearable device (Jabra Enhance Plus)
  • Personalized tinnitus treatment plan with one-on-one support with licensed audiologist
  • Managed iPad with built in tinnitus tools

Available Add-ons:

  • HIO Basics: Basic hearing instrument orientation for accessories and non-prescription hearing aids/amplifiers. Assistance with pairing devices. Professional verification of device fitting using real ear measures. One visit: $269.00
  • HIO Plus: Hearing instrument orientation for accessories and non-prescription hearing aids/amplifiers. Managed iPod Touch paired to your device. Self-guided aural rehabilitation and brain game applications pre-loaded. 4 included service visits for equipment cleaning, use of our magic Redux drying system, warranty management. Professional verification of device fitting using real ear measures. Guaranteed $500 device buy back if upgraded into prescriptive hearing aids all-inclusive package within one year of purchase: $538.00
  • Supplies: See Item List Pricing for current supply offerings and pricing.

So awesome. Very informative and patient with my husband.

Dawn C.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the update and new adjustments. It was very important to me to get high tech hearing aids but the best part was how great the entire team was! Thank you so much!

Tom H.

What Is Included In The Tinnitus Management Plan?

The tinnitus management program is one of the most trusted and valued options for tinnitus relief in La Grande and the surrounding areas.

It’s a customized program designed to the unique needs of the individual. In some instances, the program will include necessary devices and equipment to manage the tinnitus.

In the event that there is an underlying hearing loss, we will start with managing the hearing loss so that we can maximize the benefits of the other therapies or plan that will be incorporated in your overall program.

The plan can range anywhere between 3-12 months, allowing us to directly manage your tinnitus and work toward reducing its severity.

This program is included in our All-Inclusive Hearing Management Plan. Separately, it can be purchased for $3800.

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Although the above treatment plan seems right for you based on your answers, the first step should be to have a full diagnostic hearing evaluation. We may find that the above option is ideal for you, or we may find that an alternative option is a better fit.

To schedule your evaluation, simply complete this form or call us at (541) 612-7555.

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