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You Don’t Have to Live with Hearing Loss
Audiology and Hearing Aid Associates (A&HAA) in La Grande, Oregon provides diagnostic hearing testing, digital hearing aids, personalized hearing loss and tinnitus management plans from compassionate, communicative professionals who use the most advanced auditory and acoustic sciences to solve your specific problems.

Successful hearing loss and tinnitus management involves much more than just the hearing aid. Because we hear with our brain, the process of managing hearing loss must be a comprehensive one. Schedule an appointment today and we’ll discover your personalized hearing loss management plan. Audiology and Hearing Aid Associates in La Grande, Oregon are the experts in diagnosing and managing hearing loss and tinnitus. We offer the newest, most advanced hearing aid technologies that reconnect you with your life.

Find tips in our FAQ section for more information about hearing loss and details on topics like how to take care of your hearing aids and how to change your battery in addition to the most recent news stories about new technologies. This section is always updated with new information on hearing loss, tinnitus, hearing aids and communication strategies. Audiology and Hearing Aid Associates in La Grande, Oregon provides the services, support and answers you need to get the most out of your hearing and your hearing aids.
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Diagnostic Audiology
A&HAA provides comprehensive hearing testing including Central Auditory Processing, pre-employment and industrial testing. We also offer second opinions and hearing aid evaluations.
Hearing Aid Services
A&HAA’s inclusive service plans encompass hearing aids, expert programming, personalized services, hearing aid checks, reprogramming and repair/refit service plans.
Tinnitus Evaluation
A&HAA offers tinnitus evaluations and management plans, using evidence-based models for tinnitus management adapted for individual needs.
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View our Resources & FAQ's page to find the best App that suits your hearing needs.
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Services Offered
Diagnostic Audiology
Comprehensive Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations
Central Auditory Processing/Listening in Noise Testing
Hearing Aid Services
Personalized, professional hearing aid services
Customized hearing aid fittings
Tinnitus Evaluations
Evidence-based tinnitus management plans
Customized sound therapy treatment
A&HAA Customer Testimonials
Despite a diagnosis of profound hearing loss, I have been able to remain engaged with the people I love and activities I enjoy, as well as work in a field that is highly dependent on the ability to hear. I absolutely feel I have Erika to thank for that, and I am so grateful for her support, up-to-date knowledge and advocacy as my audiologist. Hearing aids these days have been revolutionized by significant advances in acoustical engineering which have created richer sound quality and streaming flexibility. With each advance, Erika has guided and worked with me to fine-tune my hearing instruments so I can attain the highest possible level of performance. With her skills and knowledge, Erika could work anywhere in the country. We are so lucky to have her as a highly trained and skilled audiologist in our community!
Sally Sheehy
Wow! Erika is just amazing. The first totally honest audiologist. She concentrates on getting the customer the best hearing aid for them rather than the huge bill most hearing aid specialists try for. Her hearing aids are so reasonable--the most being around $6,000 for the best. She explains all options and is up front with explaining the differences between the hearing aids. She gave both my husband and myself the best hearing test I have ever had. Erika services most leading brands and provides the best batteries. What a blessing to have her in our small town. We are so pleased .
Laura Nell Locken
Erika has a great deal of patience with her patients! She worked so hard with me to get the proper type of hearing aid for my use (going so far as to take one pair back and having a different type manufactured for me at no additional charge) as well as getting the proper settings for the hearing aids. I would have given up on me but she just continued to work with me until the aids were comfortable and set properly. All of that, and she has a very pleasing personality as well! She is definitely a keeper!
Larry Pearson
Erika responded promptly to my e-mail and scheduled me for an appointment the next day. She worked with me until my problem was resolved and I left with perfectly functioning aids. How many people give you service like that? Erika does.

My new hearing aids sound very natural...after wearing aids for fifteen years it’s a little hard to remember what real hearing is like. My new hearing aids seem very natural. The settings built into my new aids are quite remarkable and include the ability to fine tune my aids with my iPhone, the ability to choose three distinctly different programs for different environments, and best of all I can answer my phone and hear the conversation in my ears. I miss way less conversation with this new function.
Robert L. Mills
Having several health issues already, I dreaded the thought of hearing aids. It just seemed like something else to deal with. I was so wrong!

It is wonderful hearing sounds that I previously did not hear, or barely heard. Hearing not only what people are saying, especially in noisy environments, but also being able to understand what is being said, is invaluable. Family gatherings have become more meaningful now that I am able to hear and understand conversations. I disliked having to ask people to repeat something. Sometimes I would just sit back and only be able to grasp bits and pieces of what was being said. Watching T.V. is so much more enjoyable too, since I can now clearly hear everything that was once muffled without having to ask my husband to clarify the dialogue.

Also, my hearing aids are virtually invisible due to their small size and how they match my hair.

Erika Blanchard has made the whole process extremely simple and she couldn't have been more supportive the entire time. It has been a positive experience, including the initial hearing aid discussion, the fitting and subsequent adjustment.

Erika is very personable and easy to talk to, and explains everything in detail. She has made herself easily available by phone or email.
Select between small, medium and large domes.
Dome Tips
We offer open dome and dome tip replacements for all major manufacturers.
HF3 color-coded filters and wax filters for hearing aids.
How We Hear
We hear with our brain. Our ears gather sounds and convert them into a signal that the brain can understand. Our brain then processes this information to provide us with these sounds’ meaning.

Hearing loss can be caused by blockage or damage to any part of the ear, including up to the brain’s auditory cortex. Seeing an audiologist can help you diagnose which part of your ear is affected and develop a treatment plan for your specific type of hearing loss. Check out our Resources section for more information on hearing, hearing loss and treatment/management options.

This short video provides a great overview of how our ears work.
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