Should I Get My Hearing Tested in My 50s?

06/05/2024 | Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re in your 50s and have been noticing some struggles with your hearing recently. Turning up the TV louder, asking loved ones to repeat themselves, missing the doorbell ringing or someone calling for you—all telltale signs of a hearing loss challenge.

You might think that nah, you’re too young to have any sort of hearing loss challenge, but hearing loss can touch anyone of any age. Even as young as newborn babies—two or three out of every 1,000 children in the United States are born with some level of hearing loss.

You’re never too young or too old to struggle with hearing loss challenges. The important part is how you treat them.

How Can a Hearing Assessment Help Me?

I’ve witnessed people of all ages come in to see us for a hearing test, feeling skeptical or even uncomfortable with the fact that they need help with their hearing. For many, hearing loss is linked to the scary prospect of growing older.

However, those same people always leave our clinic with smiles on their faces, feeling confident and reassured in their choice to seek out hearing care. It’s refreshing to see how people are taking charge of their health; hearing health affects far more than just your ears!

Comprehensive hearing assessments include a thorough examination of both your external ear health and your current range of hearing so we can understand what may have caused your hearing loss and what we can offer to help remedy it.

Our team of professional hearing care specialists can answer any questions you may have regarding your hearing tests and what you need to succeed. We see getting your hearing tested as a major positive—and hearing loss is nothing to be ashamed of.

Think about it: how many great concerts or live events did you attend back in the day? How many bustling family dinners, or hangouts with friends, got loud and boisterous with laughter? Struggling to hear isn’t a sign that you’re getting old—it’s a sign that you’re living a full, busy life you love.

Hearing loss is increasingly common, and plenty of people see the benefits of regular, specialized care for their hearing after the age of 50. It’s hard to ask for help, but if you’ve read this far, you’re already on the right track.

Concerned About Your Hearing?

If you or a loved one has been struggling with your hearing recently, you’re not alone. Here at Audiology and Hearing Aid Associates, we’re happy to help with all things hearing care, from hearing tests to assistive technology.

Feel free to schedule an appointment with us to get started with your hearing health journey. Alternatively, to talk to a professional before booking your first hearing assessment, please call our office at (541) 612-7555.

When Was Your Last Hearing Test?

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Erika Shakespeare CCC-A

Erika Shakespeare, CCC-A, specializes in pediatric and adult diagnostics and amplification. Working with adults to help manage tinnitus and hearing loss since 2002, she is an expert in both of these areas. Additionally, she is a pediatric audiology mentor and educator for pediatric audiologists across the country and is one of the most respected experts on pediatric audiology.

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