Safe Professional Earwax Removal In Northeast Oregon

A feeling of fullness in your ears? Muffled sound, pressure, and aching in your ears are all common signs that your ears are plugged with impacted earwax.

Though earwax buildup is frustrating and irritating, it is an easy problem to fix.

Earwax is nature’s janitorial service for your ears. Designed to remove the dirt, debris, fungi, and bacteria from the ear canal to help prevent infection of your outer ear.

However, there are times when earwax builds up and becomes impacted, causing pain, pressure, ringing in your ears, and/or muffled sound.

Our earwax removal professionals at Audiology and Hearing Aid Associates have helped hundreds of individuals in Northeast Oregon get the relief they need from impacted earwax, and we’re ready to help you too.

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How Does Earwax Clean Your Ears?

The oily, waxy substance known as cerumen is produced by special glands in the ear canal. Its stickiness draws in the dirt, debris, dead skin cells, bugs, fungi, bacteria, and whatever else might be in your ear canal and causes them to clump together.

When you talk or chew, the vibrations in your ear canal move the wax and unwanted debris toward the outer ear canal, like sweeping dirt down the hallway floor. Earwax usually falls out without any assistance when you’re not looking, but sometimes you’ll notice it when you look into the mirror and clear it away.

The natural pH of the earwax your body produces also helps prevent dryness and irritation inside the ear canal, something that can become upset due to impacted earwax or a lack of earwax. In most cases, both of these issues are the result of trying to remove your own earwax.

Known as ceruminosis, impacted earwax is something your hearing care provider can deal with easily using the proper formulas, instruments, and techniques, which are much safer, provide greater relief, and avoid making the problem worse.

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Four Reasons To Leave Earwax Removal To A Professional

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It’s nearly irresistible and common practice for individuals to insert cotton-tipped swabs or other elongated objects (your audiologist shudders at the thought of what they might be) into your ears, but it’s never in your best interest to do so. All healthcare professionals discourage digging earwax out of your ears, and they’ll give you four main reasons to leave earwax removal to a professional instead of doing it yourself.
#1 – Earwax Removal Is Usually Unnecessary

The ear canal requires little routine maintenance and cleaning because it has a natural, built-in process to deal with removing anything that is harmful to your ears. Earwax is produced within the ear canal, migrating from deep inside to outside with only a few exceptions.

Problems occur when your ears produce more than the average amount of earwax or hearing aids or earplugs block the opening of the ear and prevent wax from coming all the way out.

#2 – Self-Cleaning Might Cause Permanent Damage to Your Ears

Inserting a cotton-tipped swab (or anything else) into your ear can permanently damage the ear canal or eardrum. While you’re digging, you risk pressing clumps of earwax against the eardrum, which could cause an ear infection that can do damage to the middle ear structures.

#3 – Make Your Problem Worse

Attempting to remove earwax yourself usually makes things worse because you can’t see what you’re doing. Rather than removing the earwax with a cotton swab, you’ll probably push and pull smaller clusters tighter together, plugging up your ear canal, causing muffled hearing, pressure, and pain.

#4 – The Presence of Earwax Is Not a Sign of Poor Hygiene

The reason people tend to dig out their earwax often relates to concerns about hygiene. However, cerumen is part of a natural moisturizing and cleaning process that prevents the ear canal from becoming too dry and removes substances that can cause infection. In reality, the presence of earwax is a sign of normal, healthy ears.

How Audiology And Hearing Aid Associates
Deal With Earwax Removal

Those who have never had an audiologist clean your ears might have some questions and concerns about how it’s done. We want you to feel confident that you’ll get the relief you need from our experts, so here’s exactly what you can expect to happen during your earwax removal appointment.

#1 – We Get To Know You
Not only do we enjoy the opportunity to get to know our patients, but we begin all of our consultations with a conversation about you. Besides making you feel more relaxed and at home in our office, we can learn a lot about how your occupation, lifestyle, medical history, and hearing history might be contributing to your earwax buildup concerns as well as other possible hearing care challenges.
#2 – Ear Inspection
Rather than shoving a cotton swab into your ear and digging around, your audiologist will take a look inside your ear canal to determine exactly what they’re dealing with. We have advanced equipment and expertise that allows us to plan and target the specific issue for safe and effective removal.
#3 – Unblocking Your Ears

Once your hearing care professional determines what approach to use, the first attempt at earwax removal typically involves injecting warm water into your ear, which allows impacted wax to loosen up so it can be flushed out without having to use any of our instruments.

However, there are times when some clusters are a bit more stubborn or hard to reach, so we bring out a curette, a stylus-like object with a loop at the end, to grab onto stubborn earwax and pull it out. The reason your audiologist can do this, and you shouldn’t, is because we can see better, are trained to use specific techniques, and have years of experience.

#4 – Unbelievable Relief
Most of our patients describe the relief that comes from having earwax removed as something that is unbelievable. In fact, many attest that few sensations can even come close to what they feel after the removal of impacted earwax.
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Attempting to remove earwax at home can be dangerous, lead to dryness and irritation, or simply make the problem worse.

Rather than continuing to struggle with earwax issues, consult our earwax removal specialists at Audiology and Hearing Aid Associates for the safe, effective, and lasting relief your ears deserve.

If you, or a loved one, are struggling with earwax, experiencing the symptoms of impacted earwax, or want some help dealing with earwax challenges, get the professional help you need by scheduling an earwax removal appointment using the adjacent form.

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