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Because we hear with our brain, the process of managing hearing loss must be a comprehensive one. Creating a personalized hearing loss management plan with one of A&HAA’s trained audiologists can improve hearing in many situations that present the largest problems for the hearing impaired, such as cutting down background noise at events that are loud or involve many people.
Diagnostic Audiology
A&HAA offers comprehensive hearing testing, Central Auditory Processing testing, Pre-employment testing, and industrial testing. EOCCO, MODA, Blue Cross Blue Shield Preferred provider. Most insurances accepted.
Hearing Aid Services
Our comprehensive hearing loss management plans include expert programming and personalization services, hearing aids, hearing aid checks, reprogramming, monitoring communication, counseling, aural rehabilitation, tinnitus management, recommendations for accessories and tools for enhancing your listening and communication experiences. We also offer service plans to fit or repair hearing aids that were purchased elsewhere for the following manufacturers: Resound, Phonak, Starkey.
Tinnitus Evaluation
A&HAA provides inclusive tinnitus evaluations and management plans that we adapt to fit your individual needs using new and accurate evidence-based models. We accept most insurance and the insurance company can be billed. Schedule a consultation appointment to learn more.
Services Offered
Diagnostic Audiology
Comprehensive Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations
Central Auditory Processing/Listening in Noise Testing
Hearing Aid Services
Personalized, professional hearing aid services
Customized hearing aid fittings
Tinnitus Evaluations
Evidence-based tinnitus management plans
Customized sound therapy treatment
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