Hear For The Holidays Giveaway – Meet Our Winner

03/11/2022 | News, Patient Resources

Back in November, we gave local people the opportunity to change someone’s life for the better.

In our Hear for the Holidays giveaway, residents were invited to nominate someone they care about for the chance to win a pair of hearing aids, as well as access to our expert audiological care.

All you had to do was fill out a simple form on our website, explaining why you think they deserve to win.

In total, we received many nominations, and we were truly stunned at the amount of people who took the time to share their loved one’s story.

Hear for the Holidays is just another reason why we love what we do, and we are so grateful to be in this position of giving.

Thankfully, we were able to change two local people’s lives for the better, one of which is Sandy White.

Winner, Sandy White:

Sandy is an in-home caregiver who spends her time helping others. Unfortunately, her hearing impedes her ability to help her clients, making each day a struggle.

While she is a diligent worker, Beth is unable to progress further in life with a hearing loss and is in desperate need of hearing aids.

We read her story and couldn’t help but feel an instant need to help. We think no one should have to go through a hearing loss, struggling to hear and often asking others to repeat themselves, especially in the workplace.

Sandy was invited into the clinic for a comprehensive hearing assessment, as well as a custom fitting of her brand-new hearing aids, and it was an emotional moment for all.

Moments like these truly remind us how lucky we are to change people’s lives in such a positive way and it’s all thanks to you.

We wish Sandy all the best with her new hearing aids.

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Erika Shakespeare CCC-A

Erika Shakespeare, CCC-A, specializes in pediatric and adult diagnostics and amplification. Working with adults to help manage tinnitus and hearing loss since 2002, she is an expert in both of these areas. Additionally, she is a pediatric audiology mentor and educator for pediatric audiologists across the country and is one of the most respected experts on pediatric audiology.

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