Does TriWest Insurance Cover Hearing Care?

01/21/2021 | Insurance, Patient Resources

As an insurance expert, I meet many people, families, individuals, and people from all walks of life. And regardless of what stage they’re at within their life, the majority face the same concerns.

When they’re speaking to me about insurance, I often find that people ask the same question. In Veterans’ instance, the question is always; Will my insurance take care of me if I need it?

I’ve always been driven by the same three goals throughout my career, helping people, offering people security, and ensuring that they get the best care available.

At Audiology and Hearing Aid Associates, we are proud to help our La Grande community with their hearing challenges, and we have done so for the last 40 years.

As your hearing care partners, we are driven by the belief that every patient deserves the first-class service. Our employees will be willing to go that extra mile for their patients beyond a shadow of a doubt.

For our incredible Veterans, you’ve served our country with honor and distinction; we believe it’s our time to serve you.

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Does TriWest Insurance Cover My Hearing Care?

At Audiology and Hearing Aid Associates, we believe that healthy hearing is vital to sustaining a healthy life; we aim is provide you with the safety that comes with peace of mind for you and your family.

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with TriWest, we can contact your insurance provider and find out exactly what cover you’re entitled to if you wish. Following that, we can offer you expert assistance. If you find yourself with any concerns or need any questions answered, our expert employees are only ever a phone call away.

We find the majority of Veterans with TriWest insurance are entitled to a substantial level of benefits. However, in most cases, a doctor or medical expert’s referral will be required before evaluations and treatments can proceed.

Will I Be Covered For Hearing Aids

Patients with TriWest insurance are typically covered for a substantial level of treatment. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) requires initial testing results for hearing aids to be submitted within two business days of the evaluation. All hearing aids are ordered through VA’s national hearing aid contracts, meaning that hearing aids will not be purchased under the VA Community Care Program.

Once the audiologist agrees that hearing aids would be beneficial, the community-based audiologist will work together with the patient, help choose the correct device, pre-approved through VA manufacturers, and then create molds to fit the patient.

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What Happens Once My Hearing Aids Have Been Issued?

When a hearing aid is issued to a Veteran, medical documentation for follow up appointments, fittings, and adjustments, must be returned within 30 calendar days from the service date.

The audiologist at the VAMC will update the Veteran’s medical records.

No Veteran shall be left without substantial follow up appointments, as well as scientifically validated measurement instructions for their devices.

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What Hearing Aid Vendors Does the VA & TriWest Use?

All hearing aid devices purchased by the VA are done using the following hearing aid manufacturers: OticonSonova (Phonak/Unitron), ReSoundSivantos, and Starkey.

We Are Here to Help You

We believe that US military Veterans deserve the right to live without worrying about their health care and free from the anxiety of struggling with their insurance company or worrying about their level of care package.

Our friendly, dedicated employees will not rest until they provide you with the most professional and personal service possible. Whatever your situation, we want to help.

If you have any concerns regarding your TriWest insurance, one of our specialist staff members will always be happy to take your call.

That number to call is (541) 612-7555.

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