Does Moda Insurance Cover Hearing Care?

01/21/2021 | Insurance, Patient Resources

All patients, regardless of financial circumstances, face the same fears, fear for their family’s health, fear for the security of their insurance cover, and fear that their insurance will fail them when they need it.

Regardless of who they are or where they’re based, in my line of work as an insurance expert, I find that people ask the same question time and time again… Will my insurance cover this?

At Audiology and Hearing Aid Associates, we have served the La Grande Community since 1982, and we continue to help thousands of people throughout the local area.

Our focus has always been to ensure that our patients get the highest level of care available to them and know what insurance benefits they are entitled to.

To put it simply, your hearing matters to us. And we are here to help you.

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Does Moda Insurance Cover My Hearing Care?

At Audiology and Hearing Aid Associates, we consider healthy hearing a right rather than a privilege. Your hearing is crucial to your quality of life and, believe it or not, the function of your overall health.

During the ongoing global crisis, we are aware that checking your health insurance claim when no one is ill at home might seem like an extra inconvenience. However, we are happy to take that hassle away, and in the process, ensure that your family has the best insurance available to you.

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Moda, we can contact the insurance provider and swiftly return with all your relevant information. Our happy and helpful experts are always available if you have any concerns or need any questions answered at AHAA are here for you.

We find that statistically, most patients with Moda Health Medicare Advantage are entitled to an increased level of health benefits. For example, under the hearing evaluation of preventive care benefit, both children and adults will receive a hearing test. The parent can arrange a child’s evaluation. An adult’s hearing test is covered during their regular health tests.

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Will I Be Covered For Hearing Aids

Patients with Moda Health Medicare Advantage are typically covered for treatments. Patients are also likely to be provided with a copayment option, which guarantees hearing aids will be $999 or less, and they will also be entitled to a substantial level of health benefits.

We always advise our patients to determine what insurance package you have and what benefits you are entitled to before proceeding with any treatments.

Are There Other Care Options?

There are several different packages available to patients. The best advice we offer is to speak to your insurance provider or speak to me at Audiology and Hearing Aid Associates before committing to any treatment, as there might be options not covered by your insurance.

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We Are Here to Help You

It might seem slightly strange to contact us when no family members are ill, and you might even feel that somehow you’re tempting fate, but we want to assure you that instead of risking your family’s health, you are securing it.

Our friendly, dedicated employees will not rest until they have provided you with what you need. Whatever your situation, we can help.

If you have any concerns regarding your insurance, I will be happy to take your call.

That number to call is (541) 612-7555.

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