Does EOCCO Insurance Cover Hearing Care?

01/21/2021 | Insurance, Patient Resources

Throughout my time as an insurance expert, I’ve met hundreds of people from hundreds of walks of life, and almost every single one of them face the same fears and worries.

Each person tends to approach me with the same question… Will my insurance cover me when we need it?

I take great pride in assisting families in their time of need, and it reassures me to know that each family I help is given peace of mind following our interaction.

We at Audiology and Hearing Aid Associates have served the La Grande Community since 1982, and we continue to help thousands of people throughout the local area.

Our focus has and always will be ensuring that our patients get the highest level of care available to them and that they are fully aware of what insurance benefits they are entitled to.

To put it simply, you’re more than a patient to us, your hearing matters, which is why we are here to provide you with the care and support you deserve.

Does EOCCO Insurance Cover My Hearing Care?

At Audiology and Hearing Aid Associates, we believe that healthy hearing is vital to sustaining a healthy life; our singular aim is to provide peace of mind for you and your family.

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with EOCCO, we can contact your insurance provider and find out exactly what cover you’re entitled to. Following that, we can offer you expert advice, while our helpful staff members are always available to assist you with any concerns you might have.

We find that most patients with EOCCO insurance are entitled to a substantial level of benefits. However, before treatments and health evaluations can be carried out, a doctor or medical specialist must refer the patient to an audiologist.

To find out what level of health benefits you are entitled to, click here.

Will I Be Covered for Hearing Aids?

Patients with EOCCO insurance are typically covered for treatments. However, depending on the type of insurance cover and individual care package, there’s a strong possibility that the patient might be expected to pay towards the total cost of the hearing aids.

We advise our patients to precisely determine their care plan and what benefits their care plan entitles them to. We also recommend them to do this before proceeding with any extensive health treatments.

Are There Other Care Options?

Some commercial plans have a hearing aid benefit depending on your policy. With a small amount of information, we can find out what your benefits might be. 

Oregon Health Plan covers hearing aids with prior authorization for eligible individuals. We need a referral from your primary care physician to start the process of determining eligibility.

We Are Here to Help You

We want to take away the stress of dealing with your insurance company, and we’re happy to do whatever it takes to secure the best form of health care for you.

Our friendly, dedicated employees will not rest until they provide you with the most professional and personal service possible. Whatever your situation, we can help.

If you have any concerns regarding your insurance, I will be happy to take your call.

That number to call is (541) 612-7555.

I hope to hear from you soon!

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