How Old Should My Hearing Aids Be Before I Upgrade?

02/12/2021 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources

Technology is continuing to advance daily, meaning there are several hearing aid options available on the market.

With so many different functionalities, such as Bluetooth connectivity and speech processing systems, it can be overwhelming knowing where you stand amongst it all.

Not to mention, with so much conflicting information available online, it can be confusing knowing the correct steps to take, such as when to upgrade your device.

How Long Do Hearing Aids Last? 

Hearing aids’ lifespan depends on multiple factors such as level of maintenance, device, and medical conditions.

With proper management and follow-up visits, they can last between 5-8 years. Except, this solely depends on the individual’s preference and if they feel they would benefit from an upgrade.

When is The Right Time to Upgrade?

With hearing being so personal the individual, the “right time” to upgrade varies from person to person.

Those who are keen to stay up to date with technology will want to upgrade every 2-3 years to keep up with the upcoming advancements.

Others may have rapidly changing hearing loss or specific needs that drive an upgrade requirement, such as tinnitus.

The truth is, technology is advancing quickly, meaning an upgrade to your device will see a significant improvement in your hearing, even if you don’t feel it is necessary.

Over the last 5-10 years, we have learned so much about how the brain works and uses sound. This has allowed us to investigate more about hearing loss and the relation between the brain and neurons.

As audiologists, we now know about neuroplasticity and how to stimulate the brain to re-wire it to improve better listening and communication.

With improvements in hard wear, we have broader bandwidths, more advanced computational processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, which is being utilized in hearing aids in ways we never thought possible.

This is all going to result in better outcomes and real improvements in performance.

What Should I Do with My Old Hearing Aids?

Nobody likes waste, especially when it’s something as sacred as a hearing aid.

If your hearing aids are under 4 years of age, you may be eligible for our buyback scheme, where we use the hearing aids to furnish the Lion’s Club hearing aid bank for our local La Grande and Elgin Lion’s club sight and Hearing Aid Program.

This program enables Lions to provide affordable hearing aids for hard-of-hearing individuals who have limited financial resources.

Using your donations, they help refurbish and recycle the hearing aids, allowing them to be passed on instead of thrown out.

See the Difference for Yourself

The latest hearing technology is incredibly powerful yet small, discreet, and, in some cases, practically invisible.

Technology is changing rapidly, and many integrative advancements are being made every year.

If you or a loved one is ready to upgrade their devices or want advice on your options, contact us today to find out more.

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Erika Shakespeare CCC-A

Erika Shakespeare, CCC-A, specializes in pediatric and adult diagnostics and amplification. Working with adults to help manage tinnitus and hearing loss since 2002, she is an expert in both of these areas. Additionally, she is a pediatric audiology mentor and educator for pediatric audiologists across the country and is one of the most respected experts on pediatric audiology.

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