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Hearing aids rapidly evolved during the 1900s. And for that, we are thankful.

Just imagine being connected today to a hearing aid device the size of a filing cabinet, as was the case one hundred years ago!

Fortunately, technology continued to develop over the decades, and today’s hearing aids are much smaller and easier to wear.

And with full digitization, smartphone connectivity, and special features like remote assist, they are small, sleek, and highly sophisticated devices.

Of course, manufacturers always want to surpass their current products, which brings us to the present. The ReSound ONE is now available, and many believe this new model will redefine its wearers’ experiences.

How Will the ReSound ONE Revolutionize Hearing Technology?

A selection of our patients are currently trialing the ReSound ONE to test whether its performance is as good as its manufacturer promises.

Unlike most hearing aids, which capture sounds via a microphone located behind the ear, the new device places a third microphone and a receiver inside the outer ear canal.

Therefore, it mimics the way people use their ears to hear, using the outer ear to register the position and frequency of different noises.

The devices also feature an advanced processor for increased clarity.

To find out more about the ReSound ONE, simply phone us at (541) 612-7555, and we can set you up with an opportunity to experience the difference firsthand.

What’s Been Happening at Our Office?

There’s been lots of shuffling about at the clinic as we prepare for changes in weather. But the good news is our purple couch is still here! We’ve turned our previous waiting room into a new private hearing aid fitting suite.

Meanwhile, our (new) waiting room remains closed. Please call, text, or ring the doorbell located in the parking lot next to the elevator and stay in your vehicle until we come to check you in.

Are you looking for face masks? We still have some available for patients and the community. Just give us a call, and we’ll sort some out for you.

Vanessa Swindlehurst has joined our team, and we could not be more excited. Here’s what Vanessa has to say about herself:

My name is Vanessa Swindlehurst, and I am very excited to be stepping into the world of audiology! I am an Eastern Oregon native, and my love for this valley only continues to grow. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, photography, hiking, creating pretty spaces, and exploring new places. I am passionate about meeting new people and building relationships with those around me. I look forward to joining our patients on their journey toward a better quality of life through better hearing!

And finally, on a personal note, Brian and I recently celebrated our anniversary!

We wanted to go and see the hundreds of waterfalls along the Columbia River and take in some of the amazing scenery that Oregon has to offer.

Unfortunately, forest fires prevented us from doing that. But we still got a quick snap at our final destination.

Could This Be The Hearing Treatment of The Future?

Elon Musk recently demonstrated a “brain chip” that he’s developed on a pig named Gertrude via his Neuralink company. He suggests that this chip could revolutionize hearing treatment in the future.

This chip can be implanted in people’s bodies to assist them with long-term health issues such as hearing loss.

Neuralink showed how the chip tracked the way Gertrude’s brain received sensory information as she sniffed around her pen.

“Pigs are actually quite similar to people. If we’re going to figure out things for people, then pigs are a good choice,” Musk explained to CNN.

Although the technology will unlikely be ready for humans in the near future, it could be the start of a new revolution in hearing treatment. Find the full story here.

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Erika Shakespeare CCC-A

Erika Shakespeare, CCC-A, specializes in pediatric and adult diagnostics and amplification. Working with adults to help manage tinnitus and hearing loss since 2002, she is an expert in both of these areas. Additionally, she is a pediatric audiology mentor and educator for pediatric audiologists across the country and is one of the most respected experts on pediatric audiology.