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Audiology & Hearing Aid Associates is Giving Away 250
Premium Face Masks to the La Grande Community

Governor Kate Brown announced that Oregonians are now required to wear face coverings in all indoor public spaces from July 1.

However, this has caused face mask sales to soar with many people left with no access to purchase face masks, and those with limited ability to travel being left with no alternatives.

As La Grande’s most trusted hearing care experts since 1982, we feel an obligation to support our community.

That’s why we are giving away 250 of our custom high-quality face masks to those in need throughout La Grande.

Created with a comfortable material, these premium face masks are available at one per person, and we ask that as a community, we respect those that have been unable to purchase or are in desperate need of a new face covering.

We have seen first-hand the impact that face masks have had on the hard-of-hearing within our community, with many people with an untreated hearing loss coming to the realization of their reliance on lip-reading to communicate.

The past three months have resulted in an increased number of phone calls from people that are concerned about their hearing, or are slowly coming to terms that their hearing may need some extra help.

The advice is that a comprehensive hearing assessment is always the first step.

How Does It Work?

Simply complete the form on this page and we’ll mail your mask to you to reduce contact risk.

Please allow several days to receive your mask, we’re sending them as quickly as we can!

Thank you, and stay safe!

The team at Audiology & Hearing Aid Associates. 

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