Give The Gift of Better Hearing

This Holiday Season, Nominate A Special Somebody To Experience Better Hearing Well Into The Future

It’s been a challenging year for everyone, with the hard of hearing especially impacted by the pandemic.

So, to bring you a slice of excitement during the festive period, we’re launching our seasonal competition, “Hear for the Holidays,” where someone will win a pair of hearing aids – and years of amazing clarity.

This is a timely moment to discuss hearing conditions, as they’re on the rise in America. Roughly 1 in 8 people have a hearing issue today, making it one of the most virulent problems facing individuals across the country.

People often begin to notice that they have a hearing loss when they miss the punchline of jokes, find it hard to take part in noisy family discussions, or witness a persistent ringing sensation in their ears.

Unfortunately, it often takes them far longer to speak to a hearing care expert, and during this time, their issue can grow more complex.

However, whenever you recognize it’s time to seek professional assistance, we’ll be ready to help you!

At Audiology and Hearing Aid Associates, community connections have always been at the heart of our approach, and wherever possible, we’ve looked to give back.

“Hearing for the Holidays” is a small demonstration of this commitment, with one lucky winner receiving new instruments and premium care, leading to years of excellent hearing.

It’s very easy to enter. All you need to do is nominate someone who could benefit from improved hearing, using the form on this page.

To ensure they’ve got the best chance of winning, you’ll need to share some basic information about them and explain WHY they deserve new hearing technology.

The competition will close on November 30, 2020, and not long after, we’ll announce the lucky winner.

They’ll then be invited to a comprehensive hearing assessment, where we’ll fit their devices so that they’re ready for a truly magical holiday period.

Good luck!