Advanced Hearing Care, Even if You Purchased Your Hearing Devices Elsewhere

As someone who is experiencing hearing loss first-hand, you know that managing it requires more than just the hearing technology alone. You know that ongoing care and expert support is the key to truly enjoying life in full sound.

But lately, we’ve noticed a big problem: we’re discovering that more and more people who have bought their hearing devices online, through a big box store, or through a clinic, are finding themselves without any ongoing service or support, which, as Audiologists, is quite worrying. Perhaps you can relate to this?

And it’s for this reason we have come up with the ideal solution for you, which we’ve called our Adoption Plan.

The Adoption Plan has been designed for people just like you who have bought their hearing devices elsewhere, but who want and need access to advanced hearing care, support and expertise.

The great thing about our Adoption Plan is that you are prioritized by our team of hearing experts, meaning you will receive on-going care, treatment and support to ensure your hearing devices deliver their best performance day in, day out.

As we’ve been caring for the hearing health of the La Grande community since 1982, this is just another way we can continue to do this further.

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What do you get with the Adoption Plan?

The Adoption Plan includes all the benefits that our patients receive, ensuring that you can receive the same levels of ongoing support and care from a trusted local provider.

This includes:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic testing and evaluation – in the same way a mechanic lifts up hood to really see what’s going on inside the car, our advanced tests allow us to get an extremely accurate view of your hearing health, which means we can tailor our support exactly to your needs.
  • Annual hearing tests – your level of hearing is always changing, which means, in the same way you’d go to the dentist or the optician for an annual check-up, so too you should for your hearing; in fact, they’re critical. The check-ups allow us to monitor any changes to your hearing, adjust your devices and ensure your hearing health is prolonged.
  • Same-day walk-in troubleshooting and in-office repairs, plus fine-tuning and personalization and reprogramming – need help at any point? We’ve got you covered!
  • Professional hearing aids clean (whenever you need it) – your devices need love and care, and through professional hearing aid cleanings, you can maximize the life of your hearing devices and ensure they continue to work to their best.
  • Friendly guidance regarding proper use and system adaptations – if you purchased your devices online, or didn’t receive the help of a hearing care expert, you may not have received the support and training on how to properly use your devices and how to get the best performance, we’ll be here to help.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the update and new adjustments. It was very important to me to get high tech hearing aids but the best part was how great the entire team was! Thank you so much!

Tom H.

Best Audiology I have ever see. I have been seeing Audiology people for 21 years. There people have the best equipment I have ever seen. Good job.

Daniel B.

I love Erika. She is so nice and thorough and explains everything and answers any questions. I have never felt rushed by her!

G Elli

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